Jean Delva - SEO Expert

About Jean Delva

In 2008, at the age of 22, Miami entrepreneur Jean Delva launched three websites that would become 1804WebSolutions, Inc., Rankontre, Inc., and Haiti Open, Inc. The companies that continue to provide unique services to the Haitian community in their respective industries. 1804WebSolutions has built over 1,000 websites and launched over 100 Search Engine Optimization (SE0) campaigns for clients. Rankontre has helped thousands of Haitians find love online, both in Haiti and in the diaspora. Haiti Open publishes a quarterly print magazine to promote Haiti and its people through in-depth articles and immersive photography.

Delva caters to his SEO clients on a day-to-day basis while managing his Haitian-focused ventures and other ongoing projects to help Haiti and its people. Rapidd, a super app for Haitians, will be Delva’s next biggest project in 2024.