Jean Delva - SEO Expert



We optimize your business with SEO for maximum local impact that brings customers to your doorstep.

We improve local businesses and franchises

Our SEO provides public proof that your local business is better!

Search engine optimization (SEO) requires a good deal of study. That’s why we assess your local business’s online presence and overall performance to identify areas for improvement. First, we narrow down the barebone elements of a campaign that will polish your local business to perfection. Then we execute the plan to improve your visibility in local markets. Local SEO success is achieved through perfect planning and the right strategies!



Search engines are becoming the bread and butter of anyone looking for a product or service, even locally. We can ensure you’ll be a winner in the search results! We study your target audience in-depth to find out what they need and when they need it. When that happens, you’ll be there, waiting for them to take action.

SEO Services tailor-made for local businesses

We focus on getting local buyers to you, quickly and easily

On-Page Optimization

Using the best local SEO practices, we analyze your link profile and content strategy to build an efficient SEO campaign for your website.

Off-Page Optimization

Incoming links and online engagement are just as important as on-page content and keyword optimization. We look for those opportunities that will rank you ahead of others in search results.

Keyword Strategy

Successful SEO campaigns depend on strong keyword planning. We’ll give you the best keywords for your local area – and increase your clientele while we’re at it.

Directory Listings

We list your business on the most popular directories to improve public traction and overall traffic. This also helps your SEO campaign perform better.

Online Reviews

Our campaign relies on persuading your clients to leave positive reviews on review websites. Great reviews boost traffic to your site and further improve your traction with the public.

Competitive Analysis

We study your competition to keep your business one step ahead of the rest. Learn from your enemies to outmatch them at every step!

Reach Success with Google Maps

We ensure travelers know where you are.

When trekking across the country or traveling, many people use Google Maps to plot a route. They want to know how to find useful products and services on the road. That’s where we come in! 1804WebSolutions, Inc. puts your business on the map for every traveler to see. If they need a product or service you’re selling, your business will be on their map. They’ll stop by your local store, resupply, and move on. Our team also ranks you on other popular online map services such as Bing and MapQuest.



An online business’ landing page has a huge impact. Your local audience wants to know you have what they need. We build perfect landing pages that serve the local market in a unique and meaningful way. People will know where to find you and how to contact you when they need something. You’ll also know how they discovered you!

Track Local Success

Precise metrics for your local market

Local SEO success relies on what your target audience is looking for in your local business. What are your target audience’s preferences and favorite products? Our campaign is a multi-faceted planning tool that measures different metrics for different SEO results. You can track the performance down to the smallest details to truly understand how your business will grow over time. Through these metrics, you’ll know where your target audience is coming from, what’s producing the most organic leads, and how you can further improve your business.

Hire Jean Delva who knows how to get you ranked on Google.