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Have you ever wondered what would happen if your buyers got a second chance? The ones you lost will return in full force after we retarget them.

Retargeting Ads with Smart Marketing

Get the client to give you a second chance

Only about 2% of all web users convert on a first visit. Most don’t buy anything. There are so many online businesses that shoppers have grown picky and careful. They don’t act as fast as they did in the past. That’s why online shops should learn how to give themselves a second chance at making the sale. 1804WebSolutions, Inc. gives you the edge over the competition with retargeting ad campaigns. We help you track who’s visited your website and persuade them to come back – and buy!

Bolster Sales by Retargeting

Past visitors are today’s customers.

To get visitors to return as customers to your website, you need to understand a few things. Where are they located? What led them to you? Can you offer them something they need? A good retargeting campaign focuses on the general similarities between visitors. We target specific ad channels based on your audience’s browsing preferences.

Our Expert Retargeting Campaign Methodology

We offer you a second chance to turn a visitor into a customer

Channel Focused

When you know the right channels, you’ll reach all your customers, no matter where they are on the web. Our team identifies the best channels for the right job.

Audience Retention

You need to retain your audience’s attention and interest. We’ll help you do that by encouraging return visits and sales based on your customers’ growing interest in your business, products, or services.

Ad Copy Optimization

We assess the performance of the ads on your website to determine how they might appeal to customers more. Our team will make the necessary changes to improve customer conversions.

Competitive Analysis

Often, your competition can offer invaluable lessons. We study how your competition performs tracking and the way they target users for conversion. Then, we perfect these techniques and apply them to your strategy.

Cost Efficiency

1804WebSolutions, Inc. assesses advertising costs and narrows down the most cost-effective methods to achieve maximum performance. Work on a smaller budget and get the same results!

Custom Reports

We tailor each report based on your target audience and provide information about conversion performance. Our team also makes observations about your audience that may help in converting them.

Optimize Ads Through Retargeting

Convert them the second time.

Your target demographics have specific needs and preferences. We go into detail about what appeals to your audience and how your product/service will pop up on their radar first. With this tactic, we can create a solid ad campaign that will convert visitors to paying customers and give you another chance to make a sale. We’ll also increase your website’s click-through rate by making carefully planned adjustments.



Keeping your customers onside is becoming harder and harder. The web is large and complex, but our team can ensure your visitors will return to make purchases and check out your discounts and offerings. When you use the right tactics, converting visitors into buyers is just a matter of time.

Analyze the Competition

Base your retargeting campaign on the competition.

Sometimes, your competition can be your best teacher. What are they doing to bring their visitors back? We’ll learn from their actions and gain insights into new ways of retargeting ads to convert your visitors. We’ll also identify faults in their strategies to help you get an edge over them. Our strategy will take advantage of the low-cost, high-quality channels they’re using, so you can not only keep pace with them but stay one step ahead. 1804WebSolutions, Inc. adapts its methods and retargeting campaigns constantly to stay in line with new trends and developments.

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